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Stela of Mentuwoser Essay - 696 Words

An Analysis of Stela of Mentuwoser The Stela of Mentuwoser is a piece of funerary art from the Middle Kingdom period that was given to Mentuwoser by King Senwosret for his loyal services. Mentuwoser had many accomplishments and was thought to be a man of the people. The Stela of Mentuwoser displays the respect people had for him and what he had done for the people of his nation. It also gives us a look into some of the traditions of his time. The Stela clearly expresses the amount of accomplishments Mentuwoser had achieved. The majority of the Stela of Mentuwoser is taken up by hieroglyphics. These hieroglyphics have been interpreted to be about all of the deeds he did for the people of Egypt. Some of the included accomplishments†¦show more content†¦Needless to say, the artist makes it pretty clear that the Stela is a tribute to Mentuwoser by making him the undeniable focal point of the image. The image shown also gives the viewer a glimpse into some of the traditions of th e days of the Middle Kingdom. The food served in the image is displayed vertically in order of the meal’s courses from bottom to top. It included many different food items including bread, ribs, and squash among a few more. It is likely that these items were common for feasts of this importance, giving us an idea of what foods were likely to be valuable or desired back in the Middle Kingdom. Secondly, in the inscriptions, the Stela makes it clear that the visual of Mentuwoser and the prayers that are written on the Stela are to give him nourishment and rebirth during annual festivals that honor Osiris. At these festivals, family members would visit and honor the stelae in the chapels they were displayed in. By using both visual and written commemoration, the Stela is able to reach those who were unable to read. Both factors give the viewer an enormous look into Egyptian tradition and religion, showing the importance of the afterlife in their culture and the respect they have for the dead. There are many features the artist uses to display the views the people of Mentuwoser’s time had for him. The last line of the inscriptions on the stela reads as follows: â€Å"†¦as you love life and hate death, as you want Foremost ofShow MoreRelatedAncient Egyptians On The Afterlife1653 Words   |  7 Pagesstelae was the Stela of the Steward Mentuwoser (figure 1), which depicted a funerary banquet to an honorary official during the second intermediate period of the twelve dynasty. Senusret I presented this painted limestone stela to Mentuwoser while he was alive in order to show his appreciation for his work, and to ensure him that the presence of his image during a festival would bring upon nourishment and rebirth of his ka, an individuals spiritual entity. Stela of Steward Mentuwoser is dated 1944Read MoreIn Ancient Egypt, stelas are either stone or wooden slabs used as a means of presenting a monument,2100 Words   |  9 PagesIn Ancient Egypt, stelas are either stone or wooden slabs used as a means of presenting a monument, usually for funerary purposes. They were also used as markers between territories. Stelas usually feature some sort of decoration and are carved in relief, either raised or sunken. Paint also was incorporated in some of these stelas and often featured hieroglyphics detailing the scene. In Egypt these stelas were primarily used as funerary ornaments, very much resembling tombstones. Looking from theRead MoreThe Reign Of Pepy I2085 Words   |  9 Pages2011, 96; O’Neil 2005, 21). In this period, the offering table scene is set on false door structures, on walls of the offering chapel, and on funerary and votive stelae placed at the tomb and along processional routes at Abydos (O’Neil 2005, 21). The Stela of the Gatekeeper Maati dates to Dynasty 11, in the late First Intermediate Period. Maati is shown seated at an offering table piled with offerings of reed shaped loaves, various cuts of meat including fish, goose, a cow’s leg and head, and other itemsRead MoreLouise Nevelson - Sky Cathedral2897 Words   |  12 Pagesof volume therein, between light and mass, generated comparisons to numerous different movements. The following paper will examine these links by discussing Nevelson’s work, Sky Cathedral (1982), in conversation with seven others: the Stela of Mentuwoser (ca. 1955 B.C.), the Grave Stele of a Little Girl (c. 450-440 B.C.), the Imperial Procession from the Ara Pacis Augustae (13-9 B.C.), the Triumph of Dionysos and the Seasons (ca. A.D. 260-270), Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel, 1913/1951, MoMA, Mondrian’s

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Barbara Kruger Art History Archive - 1398 Words

According to the Art History Archive, Barbara Kruger is an American conceptual artist born in Newark, New Jersey in 1945. She attended Syracuse University in 1964 where her interests in graphic design, poetry, and writing developed. A year later, Kruger moved to New York and attended Parsons School of Design where she was exposed to the creative spheres of photography, fashion, and editorial design. In 1966, she left Parsons to work for Condà © Nast Publications and soon after began to work at Mademoiselle magazine where she was promoted to head designer. Throughout her professional career, Kruger worked as a graphic designer, art director, and picture editor for various publications including House and Garden and Aperture. Kruger’s†¦show more content†¦The red text box is the focal point of the work and takes up about one-fourth of the composition. Barbara Kruger’s Untitled (I Shop Therefore I Am) is a visually simple but bold work that evokes postmodern themes including media, popular culture, and consumer cultures. The daring and aggressive red text box draws the viewer’s eye directly to the bold phrase in white font. â€Å"Kruger reformulated Renà © Descartes’ philosophical proposition of cognitive existence, ‘I think therefore I am’, into a motto for the hyper-ventilated acquisitive world of the 1980s boom time†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Engberg). Descartes’ theory implies that as long as an individual is simply thinking there is an active engagement that is occurring that justifies a meaningful existence. Thus, thinking gives substance to an individual’s life. By replacing the word â€Å"think† with the word â€Å"shop† Kruger is making a social commentary on society’s shift from cognitive value to material value and exposes the tie between consumer culture and per sonal identity. We are no longer defined by what we think but by what we buy; as a result, our culture has become so overwhelmed with materialism that people have become more reliant on the products that they buy and the materials that they own to define who they are. The contrasting themes of intellectual value versus material value in Kruger’s work instigates the viewer toShow MoreRelatedThe Collection Of Artefacts And Material Culture And Design1877 Words   |  8 Pages VSAR 3017 Indigenous Art, Culture and Design Journal Lecture: August 15, 2014 The collection of artefacts and material culture of Aboriginal people have not always been understood and referred to as art. In a way, museums and avid institutions in the nineteenth century have been seen as institutions of control, ordering and organising knowledge about people and put them inside a particular framework in order for them to be understood. Images and tools andRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesNikki Ayana Jones Senior Managing Editor: Judy Leale Production Project Manager: Becca Groves Senior Operations Supervisor: Arnold Vila Operations Specialist: Cathleen Petersen Senior Art Director: Janet Slowik Art Director: Kenny Beck Text and Cover Designer: Wanda Espana OB Poll Graphics: Electra Graphics Cover Art: honey comb and a bee working / Shutterstock / LilKar Sr. Media Project Manager, Editorial: Denise Vaughn Media Project Manager, Production: Lisa Rinaldi Full-Service Project Management:

Briefly discuss why it was written Free Essays

The chapter titled â€Å"THIS UNEXPECTED EVENT † : ANNIHILATION AT THE COWPENS was written to stress the strategic and consequential importance of the immemorial battle fought between the British and American armies at Cowpens in South Carolina in 1781. The American victors led by their Commander Daniel Morgan, used the most advanced and pioneer tactical strategies to counter the might of the British who had so far made victorious inroads into other parts of the world by using their time tested and advanced military strategies. The inspiration for using such a  strategy could have been taken from the double envelopment techniques used by Hannibal during the classic Battle at Cannae in 216 BC, whereby he 2 conclusively defeated the massive Roman army that was almost twice the size of his own. We will write a custom essay sample on Briefly discuss why it was written or any similar topic only for you Order Now It is understood by many that the victory at Cowpens was due to a rare opportunity available to the American Commander and the presence of mind along with the trust imposed in him by his generals led to the landmark victory that had noteworthy consequences in setting the course for future events in American history. The battle at Cowpens was comparatively small in view of the other battles of the time when the British struggled to establish their supremacy in America, but it proved that the so far considered to be unbeaten British Commander Tarleton was also vulnerable in the face of the new tactical strategies of the American infantry and cavalry. The results of the battle set the course for a reduction in the morale of the British army who were taken aback by the unimagined tactical techniques used by Morgan and his officers. The result of the battle was a confirmation that the Americans demonstrated proper use of battle techniques using the cavalry and infantry. The victory was indeed a landmark one and the remains of the battle ground and the remnants of the memoirs remain intact and preserved to this day to match the accounts of the actual battle field so as to remind Americans of 3 the victory that paved the way and set course towards establishing their supremacy against the British. b. Writer’s Conclusion. What does the writer conclude about the period or event? The basis of forming conclusions about the Battle at Cowpens can be exhaustively had from the various vantage points set up and maintained at the actual battle site. On the strength of their location and description that is conclusively associated with the written accounts of the battle by several writers and the participants in the battle who were also commanders and rank holders in the cavalry and infantry, a feel of the actual thought process of Commander Morgan and his Officers can be experienced. The writer feels that indeed Commander Morgan was a pioneer in such battle strategy and displayed exemplary courage and leadership qualities to boost the morale of his people and to synchronize the timely availability of logistical support as and when required. His main line of defense was based on tactical use of formations with an element of surprise and operational security. He used the militia very effectively by planning ahead and placing them at the right locations to counter enemy infringement. He established a skirmish line by effectively using advanced technology and light infantry that had so far 4 never been used in the 18th century. Although the British deployed their formations in a linear battlefield, there were psychological effects of fatigue that halted the initial signs of victory. Initially the British under the leadership of Tarleton, made victorious strides pushing back the Americans causing for some time discouragement amongst their ranks, but the British suddenly started to loose ground in the face of tactical moves by Morgan and his ranks. There had to be a fast retreat under immense pressure from the Americans leading to large number of casualties amongst the British. However in this context the battle is remembered due to its learning lessons by way of the great sense of battle discipline displayed amongst the soldiers, close combat techniques and the collection and assessment of battlefield information on the part of the British. The Battle at Cowpen paved the way for the future use of creating psychological impact as was done effectively when the retreating Americans under the orders of their Commander Howard took an about turn and indiscriminately fired at the Britishers who were unaware of such a move and which turned the table against them. In this context, Howard acted under instructions from Morgan as part of the plan and the effect of such fire 5 power was decisively in favor of the Americans. Consequently, another noteworthy conclusion of this event is that the battle is a perfect laboratory example for analysis of psychological factor working in war and how it can be effectively used against the enemy. Evidence Supporting the Conclusion. Incorporate evidence offered by the writer to support the chapter. Why should I believe this person? The Battle at Cowpen was a battle that set new trends and patterns of tactical strategies to counter enemy supremacy, which is aptly proved by the course of events that followed 1781 to set new landmarks in American history. The chapter gives a detailed account of the battle, the course of events and the intricacies that changed the initial victorious trend of the British on the battlefield. All that is written in the chapter about the battle is supported by a real existence of the actual battle site and the different stages of the battle being earmarked by Vantage Points 1 to 12, which aptly prove that the site is there and that the battle did take place in 1781. The vantage points give an account of the different stages of the battle where most of the action happened and the visitor is made to have a taste and gut feeling of the battle actually happening before him, as the entire site can be viewed and observed 6 from one spot. So there is full evidence in support of the chapter by way of the actual existence of the battle site that is maintained to this day. References Scott Withrow, Park Ranger, The Battle of Cowpen, may 2005, http://www. nps. gov/archive/cowp/batlcowp. htm The Battle of Cowpens 1781, http://www. britishbattles. com/battle-cowpens. htm John Buchanan, The American Revolution in the Carolinas, http://www. theamericanrevolution. org/battles/bat_cowp. asp How to cite Briefly discuss why it was written, Papers

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Web Quest of Employee Business

Each person searches for self-realization and strives for self-development and a dream job is all about it. Every day you should feel happy when getting up and going to work because your profession is a significant and inherent part of your life. In this our group seeks any possibilities to fulfill our potential in the sphere of finance management.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Web Quest of Employee Business specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More We sought to find jobs in various companies to be employed at the most respectable and prestigious ones, such the Olayan Group, NCB, or Goodman Company. We believe that a profession of financial analyst is quite responsible and privilege and we plan to browse the Internet to select the best job where all our skills and abilities could be fulfilled. Individual Statements Muneerahrealizes that it is really difficult to find a good job in Saudi Arabia due to the high unemploym ent rates. She hopes to carry on business in the sphere of traditional cosmetics and sell products online. The company she plans to work for should be the leading one in producing high quality products. Amnah is fond of psychology because she wants to understand human behavior. So far, she dreamt of teaching psychology in King Faisal University in Alhas. But later she decides to select finance as her major to work in bank. She believes that with the help of websites, it is possible to critically evaluate all benefits and drawbacks of working as a banker. Esra strongly believes that Human Resource management is exactly the field where she can fulfill herself. Therefore Human Resource consultant is the best opportunity for revealing her talents because this is a chance for her to meet with new people and analyze specific techniques of organizational development. Therefore, she wants to carry out the webquest to find financial company where she could realize her potential. Fatima seeks to join a big and prestigious organization and dreams of becoming a highly qualified financial analyst. She has chosen this profession because it is closely related to her major and provides people with necessary assistance in making various investment decisions. Some Internet sources were used to research this dream job and to get a clear idea of why the profession of a financial analyst is worth attention and recognition. In particular, we seek to find the company specializing in financial analysis. Fatima Alarbesh is dreaming to get pleasure from her job, but she believes that human resources are the best and post her work in the future. She believes that webquest will help find valuable information about various professions in the sphere of finance. It is also important for Fatima to find herself in a friendly social environment. She also strives to work not only for personal benefit, but for the benefit of other company’s members.Advertising Looking for essay on bu siness economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Group Findings We use Google for searching the best companies with such key words as â€Å"financial companies† and â€Å"jobs in finance† and received 404  000  000 and 424  000  000 respectively. Certainly, the result is quite general because it presents various career perspectives all over the world. Due to the fact that is quite difficult to find the appropriate and more specific information, we decided to present the following rubric: Interested Big Companies; Respected KSA Analyze the best known companies; Not Interested Searching for irrelevant job; (not in area of interest) We created this rubric to find six appropriate sites. Due to the fact that our goal is to work in a prestigious company, we have found three websites about opportunities of employment in Saudi Arabia and three sites outside the country. In particular, we believe that such site as the Olyan Group, Guardian Jobs, Careers in Finance, National Commercial Bank, Top USA Jobs, and Financial Analyst (n. p.). After an in-depth analysis of those six websites, we have chosen the following three websites: the Olayan Group, National Commercial Bank, and Goodman Company. We have sorted out these three websites because they provide us with important information about the leading companies in Saudi Arabia and about the basic challenges and difficulties that a young specialist might face while entering the professional terrain of finance. Hence, we have decided to consider the Olalyan Group because this company is represented at the International level and, therefore, it has respectable partners offshore. The website provides sufficient information about opportunities, goals, and missions that meet our requirements. We believe that this organization can provide excellent perspective for personal growth and development. The second website infuses information ab out the major Bank in Saudi Arabia where it is possible to find its private policies and strategies. Our group strives to examine job opportunities offered by this bank. The members are confident that this banking establishment can ensure good professional perspectives. What is more important is that gaining a job in this bank allows to stay at Saudi Arabia and to develop our knowledge and experience in the sphere of banking and finance.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Web Quest of Employee Business specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Finally, the third site has been chosen for inquiring more information about the major principles and scope of professions in finance. The article presented on the site outlines the main goals and mission of the company in the sphere of financial analysis and accounting. The analysis for the Companies’ Websites The Olayan Group The site presents official information about the I nternational Company called the Olayan Group, a multinational enterprise composed of 50 companies that are engaged in manufacturing, distribution, investment, and services (The Olayan Group n. d.). The subsidiary in Saudi Arabia participates in the activities of over 40 companies and establishes multinational relationships. At the international level, the company provides global investments. Judging from the presented information, we believe that the position obtained in this company is a real treasure because an employee is presented with a wide range of professional opportunities that Olayan Company provides it, for example working in consumer product manufacturing, financial and investment services, project management, real estate and property management and supply chain management. Exploring the world market and conceiving the basics of a successful business. Besides, due to the fact that the company carries out global business operations, a position of a financial analyst is a real dream job for use. When we clicked the search button, we managed to read the information about latest opportunities for seekers in the sphere of finance and investment, such as a possibility for self-realization and development in the sphere of foreign relations and financial analysis. National Commercial Bank We have been attracted by the website page because it has displayed information news about the National Commercial Bank, including their logo and objectives (NCB n. p.). The web site is well-organized and offers such categories for inquiries as Personal Banking, Wealth and Asset Management, Business Banking and Private Banking. When we clicked the career page, we have managed to see the list of current professional opportunities, such as a number of vacant workplace connected to the sphere of financial analysis. The page also contained the space where could insert our email and apply for a job. The website is very easy to explore because it contains a lot of links and cat egories.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Apart from registering, the site provides some Job Search sections where an applicant will help a possibility to find an appropriate position in accordance with posted date, job location, and other preferences. It also provides information about student training. There is a section where the viewers can read about various programs and courses for their employees. Goodman Company The website is created not only for finding valuable facts about the scope of the profession (Accounting for Your Future n. p.). It also allows specialists to search for the best positions in this field. What is more important is that the site provides an algorithm of becoming an outstanding financial analyst. In particular, it informs about the main opportunities the company could provide and steps to be taken for becoming a great financial analyst. Therefore, this site is very helpful for those who have just graduated from a college or university. Young specialists can find much information about career p lanning and the key components of successful career promotions. Conclusion Summing up, our group has considerably benefited from the webquest because it has managed to find a lot of valuable information related to our dream jobs. We also believe that our search can contribute to our faster application for our dream positions and deeper explorations of the major professional challenges. More importantly, our group has now far clearer understanding what a dream job is. Although our purposes and goals are a bit diverse, we have still enjoyed browsing the Internet and searching for the most prestigious companies and job positions. In addition, each member of the group has now clearer ideas about their professional preferences and goals in life. Finally, we believe that the sites selected by us will enrich our experience and narrow our requirement for our dream jobs. The webquest has provided us with valuable experience and knowledge about recent trends in promoting careers in the sphere of financial analysis. In the process of searching for company’s website we have also found various possibilities for self-development. While analyzing the chosen sites, we have found that there are a great number of opportunities for online application and checking you professional skills at home, in front of you monitor. Therefore, if we work as financial analysts in the above-presented companies, we could provide work at the international level and gain experience while communicating with other international partners. Bibliography Finance Jobs. Guardian Jobs.Web. Accounting for Your Future. Goodman Company. 2010. Web. NCB. 2010.Web. The Olayan Group. Olayan. A Diversified Multinational Enterprise.n. d. Web. Top USA Jobs. Financial Analysts Jobs. Web. Welcome to Careers-in-Finance. Web. This essay on Web Quest of Employee Business was written and submitted by user Crosby Osborne to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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10 Social Networking Safety Tips for Women and Girls

10 Social Networking Safety Tips for Women and Girls As social networking and social media have grown, weve paid a price few saw coming: the loss of individual privacy. The impulse to share has caused many of us to inadvertently expose ourselves in ways that can compromise our safety and security. While social networking sites may feel like an invitation-only gathering of friends thats accessible 24/7, its not necessarily a closed and safe universe. Others may be able to access your personal information without your knowledge. Although cyberstalking preceded the advent of social networking, social media does make it easier for a stalker or cyberstalker to locate and track a potential victims every move. Innocuous personal tidbits collected over weeks, months and even years often add up to a whole picture of who you are, where you work, live and socialize, and what your habits are all valuable information to a stalker. Dont think this can happen to you? Then you should know that according to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 6 women will be stalked in her lifetime. The best way to protect yourself is to not make yourself vulnerable in the first place. Whenever you engage in social media, remember this: what happens on the internet stays on the internet, and its up to you to make sure what appears in connection with your name and image does not have the potential to harm you now or in the future. The following 10 tips offer guidelines in managing the information that gets out there about you via social networking and can help keep you safe: No Such Thing as Private The internet is like an elephant it never forgets. While spoken words leave little trace and are quickly forgotten, written words endure in the online environment. Whatever you post, tweet, update, share even if its deleted immediately afterwards has the potential to be captured by someone, somewhere, without your knowledge. This is especially true of social networking sites including private messages shared between two people and postings to a private group. There is no such thing as private in the world of social media because anything you put up can potentially be grabbed, copied, saved on someone elses computer and mirrored on other sites not to mention hacked by thieves or subpoenaed by law enforcement agencies. A Little Bird Told Me Every time you use Twitter, the government keeps a copy of your tweets. Sounds crazy, but its true. According to the Library of Congress blog: Every public tweet, ever, since Twitters inception in March 2006, will be ar chived digitally at the Library of Congress.... Twitter processes more than 50 million tweets every day, with the total numbering in the billions. And experts predict the information will be searched and used in ways we cant even imagine. (This gives new meaning to the phrase A little bird told me...) X Marks the Spot Be cautious about using geo-location services, apps, Foursquare, or any method which shares where youre at. When it was first introduced, Facebooks Places feature gave tech writer Sam Diaz pause: Guests at a party at my home could turn my home address into a public place on Facebook and my only recourse is to flag my address to have it removed... If we’re all at a concert...and a friend checks in with Places, he can tag the people who he’s with - just as if you were tagging a person in a photo. Unlike Diaz, Carrie Bugbee a social media strategist had fun using these services until a cyberstalking incident changed her mind. One evening, while dining at a restaurant she had checked in at using Foursquare, Bugbee was told by the hostess that there was a call for her on the restaurants phone line. When she picked up, an anonymous man warned her about using Foursquare because she could be found by certain people; and when she tried to laugh it off, he beg an verbally abusing her. Stories like this may be why far fewer women use geo-location services as compared to men; many are afraid of making themselves more vulnerable to cyberstalking. Separate Work and Family Keep your family safe, especially if you have a high profile position or work in a field that may expose you to high-risk individuals. Some women have more than one social networking account: one for their professional/public lives and one thats restricted to personal concerns and only involves family and close friends. If this applies to you, make it clear to family/friends to post only to your personal account, not your professional page; and dont let the names of spouses, children, relatives, parents, siblings appear there to protect their privacy. Dont let yourself be tagged in events, activities or photos that may reveal personal details about your life. If they show up, delete them first and explain later to the tagger; better safe than sorry. How Old Are You Now? If you must share your birthday, never put down the year in which you were born. Using the month and day are acceptable, but adding the year provides an opportunity for identity theft. Its Yo ur Fault If Its Default Keep track of your privacy settings and check them on a regular basis or at least monthly. Do not assume that the default setting will keep you safe. Many social networking sites frequently update and change settings, and often the defaults tend to make public more information than you may be willing to share. If an upcoming update is advertised in advance, be proactive and investigate it before it launches; it may offer a window during which you can privately edit or remove content before it goes live. If you wait until your account automatically switches over, your information may go public before you have a chance to deal with it. Review Before Posting Make sure your privacy settings enable you to review content in which youve been tagged by friends before they appear publicly on your page. This should include posts, notes, and photos. It may seem tedious, but its much easier to deal with a small amount each day than to have to go back through weeks, months and even years to ensure that any and all content related to you puts forth an image youre comfortable living with. Its A Family Affair Make it clear to family members that the best way of communicating with you is through private messaging or email not posting on your page. Often, relatives who are new to social media dont understand the difference between public and private conversations and how they take place online. Dont hesitate to delete something that is too personal for fear of hurting Grandmas feelings just make sure you message her privately to explain your actions, or better yet, call her on the phone. You Play, You Loss of Privacy O nline games, quizzes, and other entertainment apps are fun, but they often pull information from your page and post it without your knowledge. Make sure that you know the guidelines of any app, game or service and do not allow it unfettered access to your information. Likewise, be cautious about responding to notes shared by friends along the lines of 10 Things You Didnt Know About Me. When you answer these and post them, youre revealing personal details about yourself that may enable others to figure out your address, your workplace, the name of your pet or your mothers maiden name (often used as an online security question), or even your password. Do enough of these over time and someone who is determined to learn all about you can read the answers, cross-reference information obtained through your friends pages, and glean a surprising amount from these seemingly casual revelations. How Do I Know You? Never accept a friend request from someone you dont know. This may seem like a no-brainer, but even when someone appears as a mutual friend of a friend or several friends, think twice about accepting unless you can concretely identify who they are and how theyre connected to you. In many professional circles involving large organizations, all an outsider has to do is obtain one friend on the inside and it snowballs from there, with others thinking that a total stranger with no personal connection is an unfamiliar co-worker or occasional business associate. Social media is fun thats why half the U.S. adult population participates in online social networking sites. But dont be lulled into a false sense of security when it comes to protecting your personal information. The goal of social networking sites is to generate revenue and even though the service is free, theres the hidden cost of your privacy. Its up to you to keep tabs on what shows up and to limit your exposure and protect yourself. Sources: Dias, Sam. Facebook launches Places, geo-location service thats both cool and creepy. 18 August 2010.GLOBAL DIGITAL COMMUNICATION: Texting, Social Networking Popular Worldwide. 20 December 2011.Panzarino, Matthew. Heres what happens when the police subpoena your Facebook. 2 May 2011.Raymond, Matt. How Tweet It Is!: Library Acquires Entire Twitter Archive. Library of Congress blog. 14 April 2010.Seville, Lisa Riordan. Foursquares Stalker Problem.  The Daily Beast. 8 August 2010.

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Taking the ACT in 7th Grade Should You Do It

Taking the ACT in 7th Grade Should You Do It SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips It’s just a short while before school ends for the day. You settle in to enjoy a discussion about sea monkeys in your 7th grade Science class when all of a sudden, one of your classmates starts complaining about having to take the ACT. What is she talking about? Who would want to take the ACT in middle school, and who even cares about 7th grade ACT scores? If you’re a parent, you may have heard or read about programs designed for early-achieving students. But it can be hard to figure out if those programs are for students who do well on the ACT, or if the students get to take the ACT if they do well in school. Fear not- I’ll clear up the confusion in this article as I go over the pros and cons of taking the ACT in 7th grade and the programs you can get into with high 7th grade ACT scores. feature image credit: Thinking by Jonathan Evans, used under CC BY-NC 2.0/Cropped from original. Is Taking The ACT This Early Useful? There's no one easy answer to the question "Should I take the ACT in 7th grade?" Taking the ACT Early Is Not Useful If... You're planning on using your ACT scores to apply to college, and only for that. Unless you're planning on applying to college within a few years (around age 15 or thereabouts), colleges are going to care much more about your current abilities and much less about what you were like when you were 12. While technically ACT scores don't expire, unless you get a 32+ score at age 12 you're probably going to want to take the test again once you've taken high school classes like precalc and biology. Even for the most ardent and ambitious students, 9th grade is plenty of time to start studying for the ACT. This doesn't mean that you can’t start prepping earlier than that, but it’s generally more helpful to spend that time in middle school focusing on your studies in school so that you have a good base for ACT prep later on. Taking the ACT Early Is Useful If... You want to become accustomed to the test. For some students, anxiety over the ACT can make it seem like an insurmountable hurdle that you must clear to make it out of high school and into college. Taking the ACT in 7th grade is especially handy if you live in a state where it’s mandatory and you know you’ll have to take it to graduate from high school anyway. Paying to take the test is not a financial hardship and you're curious about it. It's unlikely you’ll be able to get a fee waiver if you’re taking the ACT for personal enrichment, but if that's not a problem and you want to see what taking the ACT is like, go for it. You're interested in participating in certain programs for early achievers. For talent searches and other programs aimed at academically-gifted younger students, the SAT or ACT is often required either as a prerequisite or as part of the program. While the ACT isn't necessarily the only test you can take to qualify for these programs (they often accept other standardized measures like IQ tests and state-mandated standardized tests), it is a test you can study for, and there are plenty of high-quality prep materials available. What Programs Require Taking the ACT Early? There are many different programs that provide advanced academic opportunities, mentoring, and recognition for high 7th grade ACT scores. It's important to keep in mind, however, that the programs aren't going to judge your score the same way colleges would. Since you're so much younger than the average ACT test-taker, the talent searches and other programs aren't looking for perfect scores; instead, you'll be compared to other students your age. We have more on what a good ACT score for a 7th grader is in this article. Here's a couple of the most well-known programs that involve taking the ACT in 7th grade: Duke TIP By participating in Duke's 7th Grade Talent Search, you can qualify for a number of different summer programs (and awards ceremonies, if your ACT scores are high enough). If you're eligible for the Talent Search (based on your score on any one of a number of qualifying tests), you'll take the ACT. You can also take the ACT to qualify for the 7th Grade Talent Search in the first place. Read more about the ACT requirements for various Duke TIP programs here. CTY at Johns Hopkins Taking the ACT can also qualify you for certain programs at Johns Hopkins' Center for Talented Youth, including summer and online courses. It's also possible to take the ACT through the CTY talent search, which then gives you preference for enrolling in any of the CTY programs. We have more information about the ACT scores required for different CTY programs in this article. Other Programs In addition to the two programs I mentioned above, there are also several other programs for gifted youth that provide summer courses and general resources. We've already written in detail on our blog about Stanford EPGY, Summer Institute for the Gifted, and NUMATS, but there are several other programs worth looking into for gifted and talented adolescents: Belin-Blank Student Talent Search at the University of Iowa Joseph Baldwin Academy (JBA) at Truman State University Western Academic Talent Search (formerly the Rocky Mountain Talent Search) VAMPY at Western Kentucky University Vanderbilt Programs for Talented Youth Talented and Gifted Program at Southern Methodist University Halbert and Nancy Robinson Center for Young Scholars at the University of Washington talent by George, used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. Why Do These Programs Use the ACT? You might be curious about why students have to bother taking the ACT (a test designed for college entry) for programs intended for young, non-high school students, On the surface, it seems like it would make more sense to have program applicants take a test that is specifically designed for younger students. In actuality, there are three reasons that these programs for early achievers care about 7th grade ACT scores. #1: It's Easy to Find Somewhere to Take the ACT Unlike an IQ, which often requires setting up a special (and expensive) session with a counselor, the ACT is a widely offered and available standardized test. This is especially true in states where ACT is required for high school graduation. There are still some special arrangements necessary (for example, students under age 13 must register for the ACT by mail), but on the whole, it's much easier for students to take the ACT than it is any other national or international standardized test. #2: There's a Lot of Data About the ACT Programs for high-achieving middle-schoolers have been using the ACT as a standard for many years, so they can see how your score compares to those of other students of a similar age (rather than against the graduating senior data the College Board provides on their site). #3: The ACT Measures Valuable Skills While it bills itself as a "curriculum-based achievement test," the ACT also measures critical thinking and general mathematical abilities to some extent. This means that even if you haven't taken all the courses necessary to understand every single question, your 7th grade ACT score can still provide valuable information about your ability to think well under pressure. Because the ACT has four different subscores, you can perform unevenly well across the different sections and still place into a summer program. For example, even if you don’t do well on the ACT English and Reading sections, you might still be able to participate in certain summer program courses with relatively high ACT Math and Science scores. ACT Prep for 7th Graders: What's Different? The key principle of 7th grade ACT prep is knowing that you should expect to get a (relatively) low score, compared to if you were taking the ACT to apply to college. In general, you won't have learned everything you need to score highly on the ACT by the time you're in middle school, just by sheer dint of not having been alive and talking as long as a high schooler. Your vocabulary will be smaller, your reading level will be lower, and you won't have learned all the math or science in school yet. Summer programs know that 7th grade ACT scores will be lower, which is why even upper-tier summer programs have a much lower bar for entry than upper-tier colleges. To settle on a realistic ACT score to aim for as a 7th grader, you should fill out our score target worksheet with information for the programs you want to get into. Another way in which ACT prep for 7th graders differs from what it is for high schoolers is that there are lower stakes attached to scoring well on the ACT, so the pressure should be lower. The summer programs I mentioned earlier do offer challenging, advanced, and diverse courses that can enrich your education, but they certainly aren’t as essential to your future as college is. Scoring well or poorly on the ACT in 7th grade won't prevent you from attending college or from graduating high school, and summer programs for early achievers compare the scores of students to other 7th graders, rather than high schoolers; perfect scores are not expected. One final, minor aspect of preparing to take the ACT in 7th grade is knowing that you won't be able to register for it online. Because of Internet privacy laws, ACT, Inc requires all students under the age of 13 to register for the test by paper. The main effect this has on your ACT prep is that you have to decide further in advance if and when you're taking the ACT to make sure your registration materials get there on time- you can't just decide a month before the test "oh hey, I guess I do want to take the ACT after all." Sorry, lightbulb. You should've decided to take the test at least six weeks before the test date. Now your registration materials won't get there in time. ACT for 7th Graders: Yes or No? You should take the ACT in 7th grade if you want to get acquainted with the test and lower your anxiety or if you want to qualify for special academic programs. You shouldn’t take it in 7th grade if you’re just using it to apply to colleges, since most schools won’t want or care to see your 7th grade ACT score. What’s Next? After reading this article, you might decide to go ahead and take the ACT in 7th grade, but what's a good score? Find out more about what makes a good or bad 7th grade ACT score here. On the other hand, you might decide that you don't really need to take the ACT just yet. But should you start to study then anyway? Read more about preparing for the ACT as a 7th grader in this article. Got your score, but not sure if you qualify for summer programs? Compare your 7th grade ACT score to the score requirements for Duke TIP and CTY at Johns Hopkins! Want to improve your ACT score by 4+ points? Download our free guide to the top 5 strategies you need in your prep to improve your ACT score dramatically.

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Discharge planning of a patient using a patient profile Essay

Discharge planning of a patient using a patient profile - Essay Example These readmissions crop up as a result of mistakes resulting from lack of proper care for the patients after discharge, or discontinuation of medication (DOH, 2005). Low health literacy being in high rates gives rise to increased rates of re-hospitalisation, especially, in urban patients, who earn low income. Lack of coordination between the in-patient and out-patient process, boosts the risk of readmission in hospitals, together with gaps in social care and supports. Primary care physicians find it hard to understand the complex process of hospitalisation, since the inpatient care is provided in the hospitals (Bortwick et al., 2009). A discharge plan is the key tool used by the primary care- providers so as to go on with the care of the patient. Therefore, a safe and comprehensive discharge plan is essential when discharging a patient, in order to aid the primary care providers and social workers in their duties. A discharge plan Discharge is a vital component of care management in any aspect. It makes sure that social care and health systems remain proactive when supporting patients, their families and carers, when there is the need to go home, or move to a different setting (SPLG, 2010). Mr. Sharma, 87 years old man has been hospitalized and, due to the considerable progress he has made in recovery, he will be discharged after ten days. A safe and comprehensive discharge plan needs to be developed which will suit him, and which will ensure his recovery without re-hospitalisation. Mr. Sharma’s discharge plan is supposed to prepare the home for him, to meet all his needs, reduce the probability of readmission, as well as saving on social care services (SPLG, 2010). Putting in mind that Mr. Sharma has multiple conditions, an open wound, he is taking many drugs, and that he is an old man, the following discharge plan will best suit him. A discharge plan will help his carers after he is discharged, to coo rdinate services and care (Katikireddi and Cloud, 2009). This paper will address the probable problems, the interventions, and the rationale behind the decisions made. Problem The patient is an old man aged 87 years old. Outcome Being an old person, the patient requires careful and extra care since he is exceptionally delicate. Close supervision should be done always to ensure all the medical requirements are done (Lindenberg, 2010). Intervention 1. Meet with the family members and the carers of the patient, in order to discover who takes care of the patient most time, prior to discharge (Roberts, 2002). 2. Explain the need to have a person close to Mr. Sharma always, and close supervision. 3. Ensure that the patient will be kept busy and occupied. This can be through the provision of a television set or even constant company, to avoid boredom. 4. Discover if there is polypharmacy. Rationale The patient is an elderly person and hence the need to meet with the family members and the carers to enlighten them on the complications faced by old people after discharge, and the factors that can lead to readmission. According to the National Service Frame work for older people, old people are likely to suffer multiple complications, unlike, young people. They can have different conditions requiring different and specific treatment (DOH, 2001). The need to meet with the family members and carers of the patient is to make them understand how to care for the old person to reduce the case of readmission. The elderly patient needs a person close to him to monitor